Case study: How NCVO is boosting over-50s’ entry into charity work

For people aged 50 and over, a new programme is helping break down barriers into charity work, the programme’s founder explained to HR magazine. 

Organisations should open their eyes and doors to disability inclusivity

As a parent of a child with disability, navigating a full-time career has raised an array of challenges. From attending doctors’ appointments to balancing the day-to-day complexities of my daughter’s...

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When it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent, HR professionals are continually looking for ways to ensure their organisation stands out from the crowd.


Companies underestimating disabled workers' potential

Companies, and society in general, are perceiving disabled workers in terms of what they can't do rather than looking at their potential.

How to make work more accessible for disabled employees: Inside BDF's new guide

The Business Disability Forum (BDF) has today (12 March) published a new guide to help employers improve access for the 1.85 billion people globally with disabilities.

Ignorance causing employers to miss out on UK's disabled talent

Almost half (47%) of businesses think there are not enough candidates with disabilities to successfully maintain a diverse hiring policy, according to research released today (3 January) by disability...