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Sarah Murphy-Brookman, director of HR and organisational development, Buckinghamshire County Council


?Murphy-Brookman has worked in HR and OD for more than 20 years and has had a varied career across the public sector including at the CAA – the UK’s aviation regulator – Metropolitan Police and local government

Murphy-Brookman’s career started in audit at PwC and she moved into financial analysis. However, for her it was always been about how people drive organisational performance and what it is that collectively delivers a workforce that is aligned with the business goals, making a self-sustaining reciprocal relationship.

This year Murphy-Brookman received an accolade at the Excellence in People Management Awards in honour of her impressive achievements. Public Sector Human Resources Director of the Year was awarded to her at the annual ceremony held by the Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA). The awards recognise those that are at the cutting edge of putting ‘people at the heart of an organisation’s agenda’

In presenting the award to Murphy-Brookman the PPMA said: “An inspiring Public Sector Human Resources Director of the Year is one who is courageous, empathetic, collaborative, intellectual, agile, inspires trust and confidence and has the expertise to understand the impact that effective human resources and organisational development has on their organisation.”

“Confidently and consistently demonstrating even a number of these characteristics is a huge achievement; but in Sarah our judges found a compelling case that she is a powerful role model of all these characteristics not only in her own organisation but for public services more broadly.”

The nomination for the award was submitted by Murphy-Brookman’s team, highlighting her professionalism, passion and leadership during such a crucial period of local authority changes in the county.

Murphy-Brookman and her team are now working collaboratively with all of her district council HR colleagues to bring together the five councils in Buckinghamshire to form one new unitary council with the agility and ambition to deliver this exciting new chapter.