Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge, founder, Quality & Equality

Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge is a 'scholar-educator-practitioner' in the field of organisation development

As a practitioner she has worked more than 30 years directly with a number of organisations across sectors, industry and global regions to deliver powerful transformational change, which is what she is known for. She led one of the world’s largest participatory changes at the BBC – involving 17,000 people to co-construct the future of the BBC simultaneously. She has led major cultural change in a number of global pharmaceutical, retail, energy, and media organisations.

Cheung-Judge was the lead consultant to transform the state-owned multi-media organisation in the United Arabic Emirates over 24 months. For close to five years she was the senior international consultant to lead the state of Singapore in its nationwide public service transformation programme (2012 to 2017).

She is a senior visiting fellow of Roffey Park Institute in the UK and at the Singapore Civil Service College. She is a distinguished-scholar-practitioner guest faculty at St Thomas University in the US. She started the NTL OD certificate programme for Europe and had been the dean of the programme for more than 11 years. She is currently dean of a global senior leaders’ integrated development programme on leadership, organisation development and spirituality. She regularly teaches in business schools.

Cheung-Judge started the European branch of the Organisation Development Network and has been supporting the development of OD networks in other countries. Committed to developing OD talents, she recently made regular trips to China to grow its capability of OD practitioners; in terms of how to do OD within its political context. She has spoken in many conferences in Asia, Africa as well as in the US and UK to promote interest in the field of OD.

Cheung-Judge has authored many OD articles, book chapters and reports on the future of work, the future of OD, the future of OD education, and OD practices. Her book Organization Development: A Practitioner's Guide for OD and HR with Linda Holbeche has become a standard textbook globally in OD programmes. She co-led the first piece of research ever on the core concept of OD – the use of self to 45 countries with 704 respondents. The research report will be published this Autumn to support worldwide OD education institutions on their curriculum development. Cheung-Judge has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of OD Practitioner (OD Review) since 2014.

Her contribution to the field of OD is recognised worldwide. She was the recipient of – the Life Time Achievement Award by ODN in 2013 and Richard Beckhard Award by IODA in 2016 for recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of OD globally. In July 2018 NTL named Cheung-Judge an emeritus member in recognition of her long and outstanding contribution towards the advancement of applied behavioural science. In 2018 she was HR magazine's Most Influential Thinker.

Cheung-Judge is passionate in advancing the role OD has in building healthy organisations and upholding civil society. She is committed to growing the talent pipeline of change agents among line leaders and HR/OD practitioners. Having taken medical leave as sabbatical, Cheung-Judge is returning to work with greater clarity, passion and focus to take the field further in her next phase of work. People who knows her value her pragmatic, accessible, humorous and learner-focus approach to teaching and practising OD.