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HRMI 2021: Jane Parry, director of research in HRM and organisational behaviour, Southampton Business School

Parry is director of research for the department of HRM and organisational behaviour at Southampton Business School, where she is also director of the centre for research on work and organisations.

Her applied research looks at how employment, careers and work organisation are changing and how HRM and policy spheres can respond. Parry has been working for various funders and government for the past two decades, including the DWP, JRF and ESRC.

She worked on a range of labour market evaluations in the employment group of the Policy Studies Institute, before moving to the University of Southampton in 2011, and its Business School in 2020.

She recently sat on BEIS’s working group on The Future of Work, looking at its ARI on flexible work.

In 2020, Parry undertook research as a Parliamentary Academic Fellow for the Parliamentary Office on Science and Technology looking at skills development in policy careers.

She is currently leading the cross-institutional UKRI/ESRC-funded project Work After Lockdown, which is looking at how lockdown-driven working from home is changing how people want to work, and how organisations are learning from this massive disruption to their expectations, working closely with practice and policy communities.


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Jane Parry was ranked 10th on the list of HR Most Influential Thinkers in 2021.