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Work is where you learn the most useful skills

<p>Nearly half of employees feel they have acquired their most valuable skills through work, according to research from lifelong learning charity Campaign for Learning. </p><p>Asking entrants to its BIG LEARN competition where they feel they have picked up the most skills, 45% said in the workplace. The release of the report coincides with today's National Learning at Work Day (Thursday 22). </p><p>The research also shows that IT skills will be vital in the future, with 27% of respondents believing these will be the most important by 2020. Communication skills were deemed second most important (23%) and adaptability came third (13%).</p><p>The skills considered most beneficial today though are communications (69%), with interpersonal skills coming second (42%) and team working third (39%). Just 24% thought IT skills were most important in their current career. </p><p>National Learning at Work Day aims to highlight the importance of workplace learning for organisations and individuals. </p><p> Learning at Work Day is an excellent opportunity for both employers and employees to make a commitment to learning and skills, says skills minister David Lammy. The day highlights how learning can lead to a better skilled workforce and better business performance and profits. </p>

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