Private-sector workers want more socially-responsible work

<p>A third of workers in the private sector are considering moving out of it in search of more worthwhile work, according to a new report. </p><p>The <i>Worthwhile Work</i> report by workplace communications consultancy CHA found that younger employees were more likely to move, with 40% of 18-25 year-olds and 38% of 26-35 year-olds thinking about it in the next five years. </p><p>Of all respondents, almost half say they would prefer to be in more socially-responsible work. </p><p>However, almost a quarter of those working outside the private sector would consider a move into it for higher salaries. </p><p> Todays employees are strongly motivated by the conviction that their work is valuable and that it contributes to the greater good, says Colette Hill, chief executive of CHA. The private sector is a massive contributor to that greater good but is not getting the message across clearly enough. It needs to win back the high ground, especially among younger workers. </p><p>A total of 1,500 employees were surveyed, in the public, private and third sectors. </p>

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