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Vocational qualifications are highly rated by employers - but staff forget to include them on CVs

Although 71% of employers rate staff with vocational qualifications as essential in improving the competitiveness of their business, only 29% of adults declare their training on CVs.

Research from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) found 37% of employees with vocational qualifications were being awarded a higher salary than those without who were doing a similar job. And 71% of the workforce thought those with vocational qualifications were better suited to the workplace than degree graduates.

In recession, 72% of employees with vocational training think it is of more benefit to them now than ever before. But 18% of them do not remember which certificates they own.

Des Hancox, a director of the CIEH, comments: "Jobseekers who can see the value of vocational qualifications are one step ahead in today's employment market. The research demonstrates that businesses are placing more value in vocational qualifications, particularly in the current climate and are already recognising that this sort of investment will be a key facet in helping the UK economy in the long-term. We have therefore launched this initiative to help the UK unemployed add value to their jobseeking prospects and realise their full potential."

Mind the generation gap

  • 35% of baby boomers (aged 45+) have one or more vocational qualifications
  • 75% of generation X (aged 35-44) think vocational qualifications are more relevant than university degrees
  • 86% of generation Y (aged 16-34) see vocational qualifications as a means of helping unemployed people back into work - although only 21% have relevant qualifications