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UK workers: Managers don’t know how to motivate us


UK workers don’t think their managers know how to get the best out of their teams, according to research by benefits provider Edenred.

The research of 7,200 European employees found less than half (47%) of UK workers believed their manager knows how to motivate team performance. Just over half (52%) said their manager knows how to motivate them to improve their performance.

That might explain why only 27% of UK employees said they feel regularly fulfilled at work and only 35% said they feel happy at work. That is the lowest level of all the European countries surveyed.

Only 52% of employees said they were satisfied with the recognition they had for their work.

However, the survey did find UK employees rated mangers highly for good business knowledge, support in tough situations and the ability to delegate. Three-quarters (75%) of workers said they were happy with the relationship with their manager.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred, said addressing this issue would be “vital” for organisations wishing to avoid a “performance deficit” in 2014.

“While it is good news UK employees say they have good working relationships with their managers, those relationships could be much more productive for organisations by ensuring staff are better motivated and happier in their jobs,” he said.