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UK third most desirable job market worldwide, research finds


The UK has the third most desirable job market worldwide, with one in 10 searches for UK jobs coming from international jobseekers, a report has found.

The report on cross-border global labour mobility, conducted by Indeed Hiring Lab, part of job site Indeed.com, analysed data aggregated from 55 countries between May 2013 and April 2014. 

It found the US, India, the UK and Canada attract the greatest search interest from jobseekers globally. India is the only one of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries that is attractive to global talent. 

Jobseekers from the US, India, Ireland, France and Spain are the most likely to want to work in the UK. 

The report claims international jobseekers are attracted to the UK because of its flexible working culture; many international searches are looking for flexible jobs in the UK. 

The research also found that one in 10 Brits (9%) are actively seeking positions abroad. The most popular destinations for British jobseekers searching for roles outside the UK are France, Italy, the US, Canada and South Africa. 

Of all the countries surveyed, Saudi Arabia has the highest ‘Movers Index’, with 65% of people looking to move. 

David Rudick, VP international markets at Indeed, urged governments worldwide to take notice of international labour mobility. 

“The disparity between job search and actual job movement is an intriguing insight into jobseeker intent, and shows the potential that can be tapped if governments are able to implement the visa and migration policies that will help people find, retain and move jobs more easily,” he said.

“The growth of the global economy depends on a more vigorous and structured approach to international workforce mobility.”