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UK near bottom of employee engagement ranking

A survey of more than 7,000 employees across 20 countries suggests UK employees have some of the lowest engagement with their jobs in the world.

The Global Perspectives survey, released by global research firm ORC International, placed the UK 18th out of 20 countries. The only countries with lower employee engagement are Japan and Hong Kong.

In every category measured, UK employee engagement has decreased over the past 12 months.

Only 37% of UK workers felt they were encouraged to be innovative, down from 47% last year. In the wellbeing index, the UK had a score of 57%, down from 61% last year – ahead of other countries in Western Europe, but trailing Australia, US, India and China.

Relationships between staff and managers are generally not seen as positive. A third of employees asked reported they did not have a positive relationship with their managers. Almost half (49%) said they felt valued at work, down from 56% last year.

ORC International head of employee research Kate Pritchard said UK companies need to consider the impact low engagement scores have on business performance.

“Encouraging innovative ideas, creative thinking and providing an environment where employees feel that managers act in their best interest are just some aspects to improving engagement, which ultimately have a positive effect on overall business outcomes and client satisfaction,” she said.