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Tough times make staff more motivated


As the economic downturn becomes a normal way of life in the UK, 21% of Londoners think the economic uncertainly has made them more motivated.

Talent assessment solutions provider SHL reports over half (54%) of Londoners are more motivated because of fear of redundancy and 23% said it is due to increased workload. But 16% of London's workforce report they are most motivated by after-work drinks.

But London managers are the least motivational in the country, with 34% of Londoners reporting their manager is rarely or never motivational compared to a national average of 30%.

Generation Y employees (aged between 18 and 34) are most likely to be demotivated by uninteresting work (35%) compared with 26% of staff over 35.

More than half (51%) of Londoners said low motivation leads to procrastination, 47% said it causes stress and 33% believe it will cause staff to resort to surfing the internet.

Jane Bywater, head psychologist at SHL, said: "A motivated workforce is crucial to ensure employees are happy, engaged, productive and good advocates for the company. It is important to ensure [employers] are motivating the right people in the right way as everybody is different."