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Three-quarters of UK employees give up hope of landing their dream job

As Brits batten down the hatches to ride out the economic storm, a report from price comparison site uSwitch.com shows over three-quarters (77%) have given up on the prospect of landing their dream job.

More than half (51%) say that the most important thing is for a job to be enjoyable, but the reality is that just 6% of people are in their dream job. Even those who have had the opportunity to take such a role have been forced to turn their back on it – almost three in ten people (28%) have had to let their dream job pass.

Of these, a quarter (25%) had to give it up because the salary wasn’t enough, a quarter (25%) because of family reasons, such as having a baby, and a further 16% because their dream job offered little or no job security.

With almost a third (29%) of UK employees currently seeking employment and unemployment levels predicted to remain high until at least the end of 2013, just 5% of people would be prepared to sacrifice financial security to take up a dream job.

But more than one in five (21%) would be willing to give up a high salary in order to land their dream job. Three in ten (30%) would be willing to sacrifice a bonus and 35% willing to lose out on benefits such as life and health insurance.

Interestingly, just a quarter (24%) would be unwilling to make any sacrifices at all suggesting that, financial and job security aside, people still remain committed to the idea of landing the job of their dreams.

Michael Ossei, personal finance expert at uSwitch.com, said: “It’s a sad reflection of the economic climate that very few people now feel able to pursue the job of their dreams. When weighing up the benefits of doing something you love compared with financial and job security, Brits are taking a very pragmatic approach - we’re ditching our dreams and plumping for security.

“But while financial security and having a secure job are a premium today, this climate will eventually pass so I would urge people to plan ahead. More than one in five would be prepared to ditch a high salary to pursue a dream job – to do this people need to focus on getting their finances into shape so that they are in position to ‘go for it’ should the opportunity arise. Simple steps such as trying to save, cutting unnecessary costs and reducing household bills by shopping around for the best deals will help your budget today and in the future.”