Theresa May gets job of home secretary and minister for women and equality

Theresa May has been appointed home secretary and minister for women and equality.

As part of David Cameron's new cabinet, the former shadow secretary for work and families is only the second woman to hold the post of home secretary.

Speaking to HR magazine's editor Siân Harrington in April, May said: "I think it is absolutely right that [Cameron] has put the family right at the heart of [Conservative] policy, and we do have an aim to make the UK the most family-friendly place to do business.

"Flexible working is not just about mothers with children. Many different groups of people would benefit from it. When I talk to companies that have introduced it, there is some evidence that if people working within a company unit or department are able to decide flexible working among themselves, it works much better than just enabling a small group to have the right to request."

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