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Sodexo Pass becomes Sodexo Motivation Solutions to reflect its vision for the future

Sodexo Pass is to be rebranded as Sodexo Motivation Solutions.

In rebranding, Sodexo, the on-site service and motivation solutions provider, is reasserting its ambition to support organisations in motivating their people, which is key to an organisation's performance.
The company now offers a suite of motivation solutions, delivered by a combination of incentives and recognition services and employee benefits such as the SayShopping Pass and SayCare Pass vouchers.

Iain McMath, managing director of Sodexo Motivation Solutions, said:
"Our new brand name is a reflection of our vision for the company over the coming years.  We've always done motivation, so we're not changing anything about what we do.   

"Our new name is simply more in line with our vision. We remain committed to putting our client's needs at the heart of everything we do, and will continue to deliver quality of daily life to thousands of employees up and down the country as Sodexo Motivation Solutions. What we're about is growing an organisation's performance by ensuring its employees have the best possible conditions so that they can give their best, and contribute to their company's performance.

"All the services we offer have the same objective: to improve the quality of daily life."