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See the best: ex-forces staff defy popular belief and find civilian jobs within weeks


More than half of ex-military personnel are finding work in less than two months after leaving the services, new research reveals.

A poll which was run over four months and conducted by recruitment company Gemini Forces found 53% of respondents successfully made the transition and found themselves in a civilian career within a matter of weeks.

This is contrary to the popular belief that the majority of ex-services personnel will take much longer to find a civilian job, especially in the current economic climate.  

Gemini's poll showed 39% of respondents said that they had found jobs within the first week. This indicates a significant number of ex-military personnel are well prepared for searching for employment prior to leaving the forces.     

Harry Dean, Gemini Forces director, who served in the Army for 30 years, said: "It's encouraging to see that despite the many challenges facing ex-forces personnel rejoining civilian life so many are finding work in a relatively short space of time. This just goes to show that the transition support that Gemini Forces and others provide is actually working.

Gemini Forces specialises in helping ex-Services personnel find employment and has provided countless former forces personnel with the support they have needed to make the seamless transition to civilian life. Many have found employment in an array of industry sectors including health and safety, environmental, aviation, facilities management, project management and defence consultancy sectors.

Dean added: "Ex-forces personnel possess a raft of skills and qualities such as loyalty and commitment that make them highly attractive to potential employers," he said.

"Employers continue to use candidates from Gemini Forces for precisely these reasons and we look forward to helping many more Service leavers and employers alike."