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Royal Mail rejects done deal

Royal Mail has angrily rejected claims by the BBC that it is planning to press on with modernisation regardless of what happens in negotiations with the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

A statement given to HR magazine reads: "For the avoidance of any doubt Royal Mail has never had any strategy to derecognise the CWU and nor would we seek to do so."
According to the BBC's Richard Watson, a ‘Strategic Overview' document he has received indicates Royal Mail will continue with its modernisation with or without the union, instructing "If un-agreed, consider programme of reducing relationship with union."
But the Royal Mail spokesman said: "No member of the board or the senior management team at Royal Mail has seen, or is aware of any such presentation." It adds: "Royal Mail's policy in relation to the current dispute with the CWU is to reach agreement so the CWU calls off its damaging and irresponsible strikes."
Currently two days of strikes are due to take place on 22 October.
Royal Mail rejected a letter that outlined eight comprises proposed by Dave Ward, deputy general secretary, CWU. One of these was that "Royal Mail agrees the principle that budgets should not drive staffing levels and that what constitutes a fair day's workload will be based on transparent and agreed standards with the union."