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Retail staff happier with working conditions than peers in other industries, finds ETS study of 540,000 staff


Retail employees are happier with their compensation, manager and job security than peers in other industries according to a survey by consultancy ETS from over 540,000 workers in retail, financial services, leisure, professional services, media and manufacturing companies.

The 165,000 retail industry employees include staff from major department stores, high street retailers and grocery chains, and scored higher, on average, than their counterparts in other industries across a range of measures.

It revealed 88% are satisfied with the package of benefits they receive (average 82%); 86% feel they are 'well managed' (average 83%); 87% feel their job is secure (average 79%).

Hannah Stratford, head of business psychology at ETS, said: "Despite a tough economy and lower consumer spending, retail employees are proving to be a resilient bunch. Retailers should be commended as they appear to be doing a very good job of motivating, managing and fairly compensating their employees.

"The manager scores should be particularly heartening for retail employers. Line managers have a crucial role in boosting team morale, developing employees and encouraging them to put discretionary effort."