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HR professionals put in more hours than other staff, poll of 2,200 reveals

Nine out of 10 HR staff believe their work is key to the overall success of their employer, according to a survey of 2,200 office workers by recruiter Robert Walters.

The survey reveals 86% of HR professionals feel their achievements have an impact on broader business success, more than any of the other groups surveyed. Fewer risk professionals (69%), banking professionals (68%), lawyers (65%) and accountants (66%) believe this to be the case.

The findings show HR employees are among the hardest working, with 26% working more than 50 hours a week (only a greater proportion of lawyers(30%) and risk professionals (31%) work more than this benchmark). Fewer accountants (20%), compliance professionals (22%), IT workers (18%) and banking professionals (11%) work hours this long.

Martyn Wright, director of HR recruitment at Robert Walters, said: "The survey results are unsurprising because HR is at the centre of everything an organisation needs to do well to guarantee its success, from recruitment and retention to performance management and implementing employee benefits initiatives. With market conditions becoming more challenging and firms increasingly seeking to manage their bottom line while continuing to reward their top performing staff, the HR community is likely to continue to be as highly valued by employers in 2012."