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Report claims Government is not doing enough for young unemployed people


A survey by online recruitment firm RecruitmentGenius.com asked 597 UK based respondents whether they felt the coalition Government was taking sufficient action to curb unemployment among your people.

More than half 58% felt the Government was not doing enough, with 25% saying that too much emphasis was being put on helping youth unemployment to the detriment of everyone else and 17% saying the current policies were sufficient.

Two thirds (66%) of those aged over 55 felt the government needed to do more compared to 59% of those aged 35-54 and just 52% of those aged 18-34.

These figures were released as unemployment for 16 to 24-year olds hit a record of 1.02 million.

There were also regional variations with 50% of respondents in the South of England saying the government needed to do more to help young unemployed people compared to 64% in the rest of the UK.

Geoff Newman, chief executive of RecruitmentGenius.com, said: "Youth unemployment is an urgent task to solve because of the significant social problems it presents for the future. Similar recessions highlighted youngsters who do not enter into employment earn less and are more likely to be unemployed later in life.

"This is an important political policy. Whilst those aged under 24 only represent 18% of the population, they total 40% of total unemployment. Whilst we can console ourselves that we don't have such high youth unemployment as our European neighbours, it is no consolation for those unemployed."