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Paula Watch - HR's own apprentice: Keeping a low profile


Last night saw the latest series of The Apprentice hit our screens. For the next 12 weeks the UK's best business hopefuls will be battling it out in the boardroom to ensure they escape the immortal catchphrase 'Your Fired!' One of them - Paula Jones - is from HR, which is why we will be bringing to you 'Paula Watch'. Read our exclusive update on Britain's most famous HR person as she braves it out to be Sir Alan's Apprentice....

Week 1 - While all around were busy getting themselves noticed (cue the toe-curling ‘Making money is better than sex' moments and ‘I hope I get into the boardroom with Sir Alan otherwise it's a waste of a good suit'), this week it was a case of ‘Where's Paula?' rather than ‘There's Paula'. Perhaps we're being harsh. She did, after all, give us the girls' team's name (Ignite) - and saved us from what ‘rough, tough, sugar puff'' Kimberly Davis came up with (‘Shazam' - anyone?).

But that, we feel was her only contribution to episode one. The rest of the task was dominated by the cat-fight between team leader Mona, inept Anita (she eventually got the boot) and the ascorbic Debra - she's definitely one to be on guard with when you sleep at night. But perhaps Paula isn't so silly to get herself all in a lather straight away. The only lather she created was sudding up some gangster Hummer cars (rather nicely actually), which was significantly better than the other half of her team, who failed to impress a car dealership with their spit and polish skills.

We suspect Paula's just biding her time, sitting under the radar until she seizes her chance to shine, using all her HR skills to spot the egos first, and then work out her plan later. And, she's already achieved what one has not - survived another day though. Surely that's all you can ask for so early in the process. There were no real Paula gems, but her funniest moment has to be when she suggested her team ‘clean people' when deciding what their cleaning business should be. A Freudian slip? We rather suspect poor HR consultant Paula has probably had to clear up a few people messes in her time.