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Over half of organisations have rejected candidates based on cultural fit, survey finds

Over half of organisations (59%) have rejected a potential candidate based on cultural fit, research from assessment and development consultancy Cubiks has found.


According to the research, 82% of respondents said measuring the cultural fit of candidates is an essential part of the recruitment process. 

However, only around a third (32%) of respondents said their organisation actively measures it. And just over half (54%) of respondents say their organisation has a clear definition of their culture. 

Most respondents (85%) agreed cultural fit is harder to measure than job fit, and 75% said it was harder to develop. 

“This suggest that many organisations still need to work on implementing effective and robust processes for assessing cultural fit, particularly as such a significant number do not have definitions of their culture in place,” said Cubiks’ CEO Martin Smith. 

“Organisations need to take time to explore and understand their culture, and only when this is clearly defined can they begin to assess in a robust way how individuals fit with it.”

Face-to-face interviews were the most commonly used method of assessing cultural fit. Cultural fit questionnaires were also seen as a valuable tool, although not commonly used. 

Around 500 people from 54 countries took part in the research.