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Most school leavers are not employable

The education system is not equipping school leavers with the skills to succeed at work.

A report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) shows a massive 92% of recruiters rated the performance of school leavers as ‘average' or ‘below average'.
More than half (56%) do not think school leavers' basic literacy and numeracy skills are up to scratch and almost three quarters (73%) do not think recruits from schools have the proper attitude towards work.
The statistics come days before the A-level results are released.
Tom Hadley, director of external affairs at the REC, said: "At a time when the Government is focusing on getting more people into the workplace, we need to ensure that school leavers are prepared to kick-start their career."
He added: "Employers and government should work more closely to improve the employability of school leavers and improve the career advice available to pupils."