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Job insecurity and performance at work are causing three quarters of the workforce to lose sleep.

According to a poll by Travelodge, 75% of Britain's workforce is getting less than the recommended eight hours of sleep per night.

The top three causes of sleep deprivation are worries over job security (36%) performance at work (27%) and financial concerns (12%).

The 2010 research amongst 6,000 workers identified that the professions to be hit the hardest by sleep deprivation are: civil servants, bankers, factory workers, doctors and teachers.

In response the hotel chain has launched a series of ‘sleep concerts’ with the sole aim of being to help the audience nod off.


Travelodge consulted a wide range of professions across the UK to establish the repertoire for the performance. As a result Travelodge is working with quartet String Mania to devise a range of snooze inducing music which will include; works by Mozart, Bach, alongside renditions of crooner Michael Buble and Snow Patrol's chart-topping hits, amongst others.

Leigh McCarron, Travelodge sleep director said: "Sleep concerts have been a great success in Japan where stressed-out workers will pay 50.00 for the privilege of nodding off to a live music performance. This idea has inspired us to create our own UK version, giving exhausted workers the opportunity to relax, take a nap and feel revitalised, resulting in improved physical, mental and emotional health"'

The inaugural, free-of-charge 'Sleep Concert' will be held on Tuesday 20 July at 12.30pm at London City Road Travelodge. Sleep deprived workers will be supplied with pillows, duvets and eye masks in order to create the optimum slumber environment.

Listed below are the 2010 top ten most sleep deprived professions in the UK:
- Civil Servants - average five hours and 53 minutes sleep per night
- Bankers - average six hours and eight minutes sleep per night
- Factory workers - average six hours and 20 minutes sleep per night
- Doctors - average six hours and 21 minutes sleep per night
- Teachers - average six hours and 26 minutes sleep per night
- Estate agents - average six hours and 36 minutes sleep per night
- Recruitment consultants - average six hours and 51 minutes sleep per night
- Accountants - average six hours and 54 minutes sleep per night
- Taxi drivers - average six hours and 57 minutes sleep per night

Further findings from the Travelodge Sleep and Professions study revealed:
- Almost half of accountants (47%) look forward to a lie-in at the weekend more than sex.
- Bankers work the longest hours and generally go to bed around 12.30am and a quarter of bankers admit to taking their laptop or blackberry to bed with them.
- Marketers are the laziest in the morning, taking an average of 19 minutes to get out of bed when their alarm clock rings (compared to the national average of 13 minutes.)
- Those working in sales are most prepared for the day ahead - nearly a quarter (21%) write a to do lis the night before (compared to the national average of eight per cent.)
- Over a quarter (27%) of British workers have an alcoholic drink to help them get to sleep on a work night. The top three professions to turn to a bedtime tipple are bankers, company directors and medical staff such as doctors and nurses.