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HR urged to 'steal shamelessly' from marketing to attract talent


HR and resourcing teams should take advantage of customer marketing teams' far larger budgets for recruitment purposes, according to a leading employer brand expert.

Speaking at a People in Business (PiB) event in London, PiB senior employer brand consultant Leslie Rogers said the link with corporate and marketing teams is the most often overlooked as part of a recruitment strategy. 

Rogers added that the budget for the marketing department is likely to be "up to ten times" higher than the HR team.

"One of the most common myths in attraction campaigns is that HR needs to come up with original content," she said. "It's often a lot more effective to use PR or marketing material and spin it with an HR angle."

Speaking at a roundtable debate at the same event, BP marketing manager of graduate resourcing Jennifer Veevers said companies need to invest in recruitment content with a long-term goal. "It's not all about the number of immediate hires," she said. "If you have more innovative ways to attract talent you can take really help to humanise your employer brand."

Veevers added that to get buy-in from different departments for this strategy, resourcing teams need hard facts to present to the business. "If you have done your industry research and can prove that if you don't do this you will get left behind, then it becomes much easier to get people onboard," she said. 

Mervyn Dinnen, a content and social engagement consultant, said HR must embrace social media and innovative ways to attract, which hasn't always been the case in the past. "HR departments have to understand it's not just about numbers of hires," he said. "It's as much about retention and engagement. These types of attraction programmes can really deliver that."