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HR teams drive Asian growth through recession, says CIPD


Research by the Chartered Institute of Professional Development has suggested that a "new breed of insight-led HR teams" has helped maintain growth in Asian countries during the recession.

The report, which was produced with the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, suggests that HR professionals have "positioned themselves at the heart of business strategy, and are leapfrogging best practice amongst their Western counterparts by adopting a uniquely Asian approach to HR "next practice".

The research suggests that the use of "uniquely Asian values to unlock individual and organisational potential" has had a positive influence on corporate culture — and that western countries could benefit from such techniques.

Jackie Orme, chief executive of the CIPD, said: "In a region where human resources can often be an emergent and under-rated function within the business, these cases of ‘next practice’ that we have identified are overtaking more orthodox and established ‘best practice’ approaches to HR seen in the West.

"In the process they are undoubtedly leading the way for any HR function anywhere in the world that wants to place itself at the forefront of efforts to deliver superior organisational performance."