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HR must get strategic to show it means business


The HR profession needs greater and timelier involvement in strategic business decisions, say its members.

Forty per cent of European HR professionals think HR should be more involved in strategy, while 42% think improving how HR executes its function will strengthen it. In addition, 36% beleive new talent must be attracted to the industry.

The findings come from HR consultancy, Hewitt Associates, which found the HR objectives were leadership development (38%), talent retention (34%), employee engagement (30%) and the need to reduce labour costs (28%).

Leonardo Sforza, head of EU affairs at Hewitt Associates, said: "The results show HR professionals are facing the downturn not just by thinking ahead to the ways they can help their organisation and its workforce to implement structural changes and to prepare them for economic recovery."
But a majority of respondents expect significant changes to HR over the next three years; 58% think HR efficiency will change most, 55% see developments in how HR manages change and 47% think leadership and talent development will grow. Despite this, 75% think the approach to compensation and benefits will remain mainly the same.