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HR lacks credibility with managers


Less than a third (30%) of managers think HR adds value to their organisation.

Research unveiled today by Roffey Park reveals HR must respond better to the needs of the business, as well as improve its customer focus and credibility.
The survey, which was completed by nearly 800 managers last autumn, found more than half (59%) of managers are feeling the pressure due to the economic downturn. Stress, it found, has increased dramatically from 67% in 2008 to 83% in 2009.
One of the few areas of positive news was on leadership and the economic crisis: 62% of managers feel leadership in their organisation is good with 6% believing it to be excellent. Only 4% view leadership as very poor. When managers were surveyed in November/December2008, almost 80% thought leadership in their organisation was good or very good, compared with less than 70% earlier in the year.
Commenting on the findings, Jonny Gifford, senior researcher at Roffey Park, said: "In times of hardship, we see the quality of leaders and their mettle. It could also be that staff need them and value them more. Either way this is quite positive."
As in 2008, leadership development (61%) remained the most popular strategy managers intend to concentrate on to weather the downturn this coming year. This was followed by interest in corporate responsibility (60%), sticking to core business (45%) and flexible working (37%).
Positive wellbeing is more prevalent in smaller companies with three quarters of managers in firms employing fewer than 50 members of staff reporting good or very good wellbeing. This compares with half the managers in organisations with more than 50 employees.
Managers' own confidence in their role though has taken a hit.  One quarter (24%) say they are more cautious in their work and 23% feel insecure in their current job.
Jo Hennessy, director of research at Roffey Park, said: "Many leaders and managers are managing a downturn for the very first time. They need to look for ways of spreading responsibility throughout the hierarchy rather than taking it on themselves. We can't afford people having to take time off due to stress."