HR is about both "the soft side and the hard side"

HR magazine's Most Influential Thinker of 2018, Mee Yan Cheung-Judge, spoke at the annual HR Most Influential rankings unveiling

"HR, regardless of its different specialims is really about people and business; both the soft side and the hard side. It is about helping organisations to create such conditions of success so that its people can do their best to serve the constituency," she said.

Cheung-Judge went on to talk about HR's role in change and aligning internal organisational realities with the pace of the wider outside world.

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Also speaking at the event was Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). Taylor was ranked HR magazine's second Most Influential Thinker of 2018.

"The temptation is to say that technology will determine the future. You read headlines about millions of jobs going and whole skills being wiped out. Actually we don't know what the future will be; it depends on economics, our choices, and new business models," Taylor said.

Hear more about his thoughts on the future world of work:

Perry Timms, founder and 'chief energy officer' of PTHR and 2018's fifth Most Influential Thinker, advised future HRDs to "follow a degree of instinct".

"Instinct, intellect and intuition combined. I think if you study into those realms as an HR professional you can be an HR leader by mastering those three," he said.

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