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Hot topic: How will flexible working changes affect HR? Part two

Legislation to allow all employees to request flexible working comes into effect on 30 June. With a record number of employees already working from home, do HR professionals appreciate the full impact of the changes? Daisy Group HRD Marie Wheatley gives her view.

It is crucial for HR professionals to create up-to-date policies that reflect the new legislation, so that they comply with the flexible working changes. Effective preparation, which ensures internal processes are in place to deal with requests, will help avoid any unnecessary burden on resources.

Despite the flexible working trend gaining pace as workers begin to realise its benefits, businesses shouldn’t expect a mass influx of requests. Instead departments should anticipate and cater for the long-term impact, which can be done by running surveys to predict the likely uptake. 

Outlining clear parameters from the beginning will help avoid any confusion and prove an effective way to minimise unreasonable requests. It is very important that staff are aware that the regulation only ensures that their request is dealt with appropriately, as opposed to thinking it is guaranteed.

Businesses should utilise the Acas code of practice for handling requests in a ‘reasonable manner’, which although not statutory, will provide a framework for analysing requests as well as being taken into consideration by employment tribunals. The official legislation for rejecting a request represents a fair code that offers businesses protection around key considerations such as cost, logistics and productivity.

The changes, if handled properly, should represent a massive boost for the industry, offering the potential to enhance employees’ job satisfaction, which will improve morale and loyalty. Professionals don’t need to feel overwhelmed if they have a framework in place that handles each request openly, fairly and without discrimination. If this is done the changes shouldn’t cause too much of a challenge.

Marie Wheatley is group head of HR at telecommunications company Daisy Group

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