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Graduates with mobile technology skills are in demand


More than half (51%) of employers value new staff who are able to adopt mobile technology quickly and to work effectively from remote locations but 84% of graduates do not give any indication of their mobile communication skills on their CV.

According to research from T-Mobile, 48% of employers believe graduates who have the skill and proven experience of using laptops, mobile technology and the internet are extremely valuable and78% of students believe they would be able to work effectively out of the office if and when required once employed.
The research also reveals 39% of employers will be hiring fewer graduates over the coming months due to the current economic climate but 27% admitted they would be more likely to look for graduates with technology skills.
Roger Tweedy, director of research at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), said: "It is great that today's graduates would feel confident working remotely and we need to convince them that these skills are not possessed by everyone, are valuable to employers and are well worth highlighting in their CVs.
"In careers such as sales, consultancy, marketing and events management, employees spend a large amount of time away from the office and businesses recognise that providing them with the appropriate technology can greatly increase their productivity, even at a junior level. If graduates already have the ability to use this technology they are in a better position to enter the workforce."