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Graduate jobseekers rate training more important than job security and salary

Training is the most important factor for graduates looking for a job - ranking higher than job security and salary.

More than two fifths of students (43%) rate training opportunities as the most important reason for selecting an employers, well ahead of job security (28%) and salary (11%), according to a survey by accountancy firm KPMG.

Eight out of 10 students (83%) said the downturn has caused them to plan further ahead in their career and 72% are widening their sector choices. And 98% of students claim to be considering working internationally to improve their work experience and increase their chances of getting a job.

Ruth Elwood, head of recruitment at KPMG, said: "It is striking students rate training and development as more important than job security and even salary. Clearly the recession is making them think about their long-term prospects, not just their first job. Employers need to take account of this. The economic downturn could have caused a long-lasting shift in student attitudes.

"It would have been unthinkable a few years ago for students to be seriously planning their career search almost from their first year at university, but that is certainly happening in many cases now. The future is challenging - though there will always be demand for the very best of Britain's students each year."