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General Election 2010: HR staff and jobseekers plan to vote for the Liberal Democrats

Almost four out of 10 people working or seeking careers in the HR sector are poised to vote for the Liberal Democrat Party today, with Labour trailing in third place in the sector.

According to totaljobs.com, almost 34% of HR and recruitment staff and jobseekers are voting Tory, 18% plan to vote Labour and 38% will vote Liberal Democrat today.

A poll of 1,300 jobseekers, undertaken on behalf of totaljobs.com, following the third and final prime ministerial debate, showed that support for the main parties varied significantly according to the sector in which individuals were seeking employment. While overall voting intentions of those seeking employment mirror those of mainstream pollsters, analysis by job sector reveals some interesting patterns.

Support for the Liberal Democrats is highest among those seeking employment in education and catering and they come out top in five of the nine categories. The remaining four categories are shared between the Conservatives and Labour, with the Conservatives coming top in construction and finance sectors, while Labour take top spot in health and transport.

John Salt, website director at totaljobs.com said: "Since the final debate it is clear that the vast majority of those looking for jobs in HR and recruitment have decided who they are going to vote for and by quite a margin they have decided that the Liberal Democrats are the party for them.

"With HR and particularly recruitment being so cyclically driven, it would appear that HR and recruitment jobseekers believe the Liberal Democrats are best placed to secure the recovery. With Labour languishing a distant third, it seems that they are being blamed for the recession."

Public sector staff voting intentions

Political PartyPublic sector servicesEducationHealth
Liberal Democrats37.5%40.68%21.74%

Private sector employees voting intentions

Political partyFinancialCateringConstructionITHR & recruitmentTransport & Logistics
Liberal Democrats21.95%40%19.51%37.93%38.11%11.11%