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Fewer migrant workers are applying for visas to work in the UK

The number of migrant workers applying for employment in the UK has fallen by 6% since last year due to the recession.

The Office for National Statistics reports 686,000 visas were granted prior to March 2009, signifying a drop in numbers from 2008, which can be put down to growing unemployment and lack of job opportunities in the UK.

But the CIPD reports employers are still choosing migrant workers to fill skills shortages and 8% intend to recruit these applicants this quarter.

Gerwyn Davies, public policy adviser at the CIPD, said: "With almost one in 10 employers planning to recruit migrant workers during the current quarter, the relationship between employers and migrant workers looks set to continue in spite of the  recession.

"UK nationals looking for employment in the current climate need to be aware they are still competing against skilled and willing workers from abroad."