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Employers plan to spend more on staff healthcare

Despite the economic downturn employers are increasing their spend on healthcare benefits.

According to research from Simplyhealth released today, 26% of employers are increasing the range of health benefits they offer over the next year and a third plan to spend more money on health perks.

Six out of 10 HR professionals think health packages have become more important in the last year and 40% believe they are a key recruitment and retention factor.

The survey also found a third of HR staff are looking to provide staff with benefits that will allow them to measure tangible results.

Simplyhealth's James Glover said: "Increasing levels of pressure on businesses and employees has seen a rise in stress levels combined with global health scares and employers are now taking health benefits seriously.

"This is why it is important for companies to really look at their employer and employee needs and address these with a comprehensive health benefits package that is cost-effective and adds tangible value for the company."