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Channel 4 launches fertility support policies for workers

Broadcaster Channel 4 has partnered with fertility testing service Hertility to introduce reproductive health and hormone testing to its employees.

Starting with a six-month trial, Channel 4 employees will be able to order a Hertility hormone and fertility test, worth £149.

Workers will also be offered several educational workshops, which will focus on different reproductive health issues and hormonal wellbeing.

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The new policy gives employees access to an NHS approved health assessment and blood test which can screen for reproductive health issues.

Kirstin Furber, director of people at Channel 4, said the Hertility partnership builds on the work the broadcaster has already done in the field of women's health.

Speaking to HR magazine, she said: “At Channel 4 we are always looking at how we can support employee wellness, to help everyone do their best work. The Hertility partnership is a great way of building on the policies that we already offer around female wellbeing. We were the first major UK broadcaster to create a menopause policy, which generated international interest.

"Then we looked where else we could provide help and support. We have since added further initiatives such as a parents and carers policy as well as a pregnancy-loss policy, which we think is a global first. We are proud to be able to innovate in this way, and very much hope others will follow us to help create real change in attitudes in the workplace.

“There’s been really positive feedback from colleagues so far and already good take up for the test.”

Earlier this month supermarket brand Co-op introduced a new fertility treatment policy for employees, which included paid time off to attend medical appointments for fertility treatment and paid leave for up to 10 appointments per cycle for up to three cycles of fertility treatment.

Deirdre O’Neill, Hertility co-founder said: “This partnership is not just a landmark for Hertility and Channel 4, but for all women worldwide. Until now, workplace benefits may be fertility or menopause friendly, but being a reproductive responsible employer means fully supporting employees across every life stage, from menstruation through to menopause.

"We're so proud to be pioneering real change and to be partnering with such a forward-thinking company like Channel 4, that is not just talking about equality in the workplace but actually taking action to make it a reality."