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British Airways asks staff to volunteer to work unpaid for a month


British Airways has asked 30,000 staff to work voluntarily for one month to save costs as the airline faces its toughest-ever trading environment.

In May the organisation reported a record loss of £401 million and as a result asked staff to volunteer to work a month without pay. The organisation's chief executive, Willie Walsh, has signed up to work for free during the month of July.

Staff can volunteer to take as little as one week's unpaid leave with the salary deduction being spread across several months but can also opt to work without pay for up to four weeks. There is also the option to take unpaid leave.

Although the plan is optional, staff are being encouraged to take part if they can.
A spokesman from British Airways said: "We are asking all staff across the business to play their part by volunteering to work part time, take unpaid leave or do unpaid work to help reduce the overall cost base of the airline.

"All the options are voluntary, but we have already received a good response."

Deductions for unpaid work or unpaid leave can be spread over up to six months' worth of pay packets which, British Airways hopes, will reduce the impact on monthly take-home pay.