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Attractive people are more likely to succeed in their careers, new research suggests


More than two thirds (67%) of employers have admitted to being more inclined to give an attractive person a job.

HireScores polled 1,256 bosses and asked the question "would you hire a candidate who had equal academic strengths as another, but was better looking?" two thirds of bosses said yes, with a further 9% admitting they had hired some based purely on the way that they looked.

When HireScores asked the question "do you think that those who are more attractive make better employees?", 34%, said yes with just over half of these admitting that they thought that the most attractive employees were likely to be the most confident in the workplace.

When asked the multi answer question "what factors would make someone more employable to you?" 81% said that they believed the ability to do the actual job was the most important factor in hiring a candidate.

The top five factors that affect a candidate's employability are:

1.    Ability to do the job - 81%
2.    Qualifications - 73%
3.    Social skills - 71%
4.    Physical appearance - 67%
5.    Hygiene - 61%

Lisette Howlett, managing director of HireScores, said: "It's very important to look at all the factors when you're looking to employ someone, regardless of what job it is for. The hiring decision needs to take everything into account, motivation, attitude, short and longer term business needs and whether the candidate has the best ability to do the job.

"Whilst I do worry that many employers would perhaps subconsciously employ someone who is easier on the eyes, it doesn't always make practical business sense.  At HireScores.com we aim to ensure that everyone is supported equally in their job search, with the hopes that everyone can end up in their ideal employment."