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A third of jobseekers have increased their use of social networking in the past year


As we came out of the recession, many organisations realised the critical role HR professionals play, not only during difficult economic periods, but also in recovery and future growth. So how can HR professionals ensure they have access to quality candidates to support their function and other areas of the business?

For those companies currently recruiting, they need to use all the resources available to them, including social networking, in order to attract and engage with the best talent. Recent research from Hays revealed a large number (45%) of professionals think social networking sites are a useful source to find out more about potential employers and that nearly half of UK jobseekers use them regularly in a professional capacity. This highlights the need for employers to ensure their online presence best represents them in order to attract high quality professionals with the relevant skills and experience.

Where do you start when it comes to social networking and recruitment? The research revealed that 37% of jobseekers have increased their use of social networking sites over the last year, with many of them now being much more strategic in their approach. A large number of professionals are taking advantage of specialist sites that include career-related groups and forums, and nearly half of professionals surveyed (48%) feel that being a member of a group has helped provide new leads for jobs. So think about how you can make use of these networks and ensure your company’s online brand is managed effectively in order to attract talented candidates.

There has been a marked increase in the recruitment of specialist roles within HR and other business functions as companies start to focus on the future. While there are large numbers of people looking for jobs, we still have employers coming to us because they are struggling to attract quality candidates suitable for the specific roles. Companies need to be doing everything they can to ensure their organisation appeals to professionals. Companies need to be clear about what they can offer in regards to a varied and exciting career, as well as their long-term plans, so that candidates see the company as a good, long-term option. Using social or professional networking to help convey these messages can put you in a strong position. 

Social and professional networking is one of the key emerging tools for recruiters; sites such as Facebook and Linked In can provide access to many highly skilled workers, but it is important to invest the time and effort to understand how best to use them in order to achieve optimal results.

Aileen Brown is director at Hays Human Resources