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Delve into new hiring trends for Q3 2024

It is increasingly important for HR professionals to understand new hiring trends

How many employers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to recruit new staff, and why?

As people leaders well know, answers to questions like these, along with useful metrics and recruitment data, help fuel the crucial work of creating culturally and economically successful workplaces. And it is increasingly important for HR professionals to not just know about but to understand new hiring trends.

This whitepaper reveals the latest employment outlook for the coming financial quarter (Q3 2024), highlighting independent research from the recruitment firm Manpower Group.

The content includes:

  • Hiring trends for the next quarter (Q3 2024), and the drivers behind them;
  • The extent to which companies have adopted AI, and how employees are reacting to it;
  • Sector- and region-specific analysis of where hiring is expected to increase and decrease;
  • A round up of the employee engagement challenges that organisations are facing after hiring new workers.

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