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UK need for engineering talent means it is imperative we encourage young people to opt for a career in it


In my view, two of the main problems faced by the world today – global warming and depletion of natural resources – can only be truly solved by technological innovations.

 In fact, for us at Bosch, the issues of key global importance, such as energy consumption and environmental protection, are some of the main drivers of our innovative strength.

Our aim is to provide technological answers to the great challenges that lie ahead. That is why we want to continue to invest in energy-saving technologies that will enhance our lives without damaging the fragile environment. One example is that of Bosch's Automotive Technology Division, which invests heavily in development of existing and future power train concepts.

The internal combustion engine will continue to be the predominant drive system for the foreseeable future, as it still offers significant potential for cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Bosch has enabled reduction in fuel consumption of gasoline and diesel engines by up to one third through downsizing, which helps to reduce the capacity of an engine, while maintaining excellent performance and reduced emissions. Assuming downsizing concepts and other technologies are consistently applied, a mid-class vehicle will consume 39% less fuel by 2015 than it does today. At the same time, we spend approximately €400 million a year on hybrid and electrical vehicles. We are also making a major difference when it comes to renewable energy. Our drive and control division is continuing to explore the cutting-edge technology needed to harness the power of wind and water as an alternative source of energy. Elsewhere, Bosch technology - in the form of heat pumps - is tapping into the earth's natural heat to extract energy from the ground.

Bosch has always been driven by engineering and innovation. The 4,100 patent applications in 2011 - 16 patents a day - is a small example of how technological innovation is the life-blood of our company. Last year alone, Bosch invested more than €4 billion into research and development. Crucially, 45% of the total R&D spend is focused on products that protect the environment. To continue to develop technologies that tackle many of the major issues we face as a society, we need many more qualified engineers to make it happen - and I know I say this on behalf of the technology-based industry.

The need for engineering talent means it is imperative we encourage young people in the UK to opt for a career in engineering.

For this reason, Bosch works closely with schools, to help young people better understand the potential of an engineering career.

Our aim is simply to encourage young people to pause for a moment and consider the possibility of a career in engineering.

Peter Fouquet (pictured) is president of Bosch UK