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Finding your life's balance


In a new regular feature Nina Grunfeld presents a wellbeing series for HR professionals. It's time to focus on yourself

You. Yes, you. Don’t look the other way, this is about you. You are the caregivers at work, but what do you ever do for yourselves? I recently ran a workshop on time management and, before it started, the head of L&D told me how tired she was and how difficult it was to manage everything she had on. When I suggested that the workshop I was about to run would be really helpful for her she said ‘I can’t possibly attend. I’ve got far too much to do’.

HR magazine has asked us to run a regular wellbeing series for all HR professionals, especially those who are worried, stressed and overwhelmed. It’s going to be a fantastic year of introspection.

This Balance Chart (below) is to help you see if you’re living the life that feels right for you. We’re not aiming for a perfect circle, because each of us wants a different balance in our life. Have you just moved? Maybe ‘Home’ is most important right now. Got a new baby? Could be ‘Family’ is where you want your energy going. Recently promoted? I’m sure ‘Work’ is the area you want to focus on. Score from the gut – don’t think too hard about it. We want you to take an honest look at your life and see what’s working and what isn’t. And then we want to help you change those scores.

Read through our suggestions below and take your time. Score ‘10’ for feeling very satisfied with an area and ‘1’ for feeling dissatisfied. Each month we’ll coach you through one area of your life so you can improve your scores.

  • Home: Is home a place of refuge from the outside world, a good place to return to? Does it reflect your values, intentions, creativity, or interests? Does it need your attention?
  • Creativity: How are you using your creativity? How do you feel when you’ve made something happen or created something – even a thought? Do you have creative outlets in your life?
  • Health and fitness: Do you have health niggles you haven’t acted upon? Are you supple or do you feel stiff? Are you well-connected to your body and physical being? Are you eating consciously?
  • Rest and relaxation: Do you wake up refreshed most days? How many hours of sleep do you need? And how many do you get? How well do you know how to relax?
  • Friends and social life: Have you got the right balance between work and play? Are the friends in your address book the friends you need? What are you doing about your social life?
  • Work: Are you fulfilled in your work? Do you feel your work has purpose? Are you realising your full potential? Are you true to yourself in your work? What role do you dream of?
  • Family: Do you know where you stand with your family? Are your family allowing you to be who you are now? Are you aware of needs within your family? Are you coping with their demands?
  • Money: Do you look after your money creatively and wisely? How relaxed and confident around money are you? Is your money working for you and to plan?
  • Spirituality: Are you at peace with yourself and the world? Do you experience joy, or moments of joy? Do you find meaning in what you are doing?
  • Love and romance: Do you know how to look after yourself? Do you feel loved and cherished? Are you open to being loved? Do you love enough? Are there people that you know love you?
Nina Grunfeld is a self-help and wellbeing guru, author, and founder of self-improvement workshops Life Clubs