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Beating Stress Interactive

Forget everything you think of when you hear 'stress training', at StressCHECK we have taken the interactive elements of our unique approach to training and best selling Beating Stress book to deliver Beating Stress Interactive on CD, Intranet or Internet. Whatever the size of your workforce everyone can access the self-analysis questionnaires and quizzes with hints and tips for alleviating stress. Employees can sit in privacy at their PC at work or at home and revisit the CD at anytime. From less than 1.00 per person this really is a solution for proactively managing stress in the workplace

Beating Stress Interactive is an electronic version of our popular publication ‘Beating Stress, which has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. Accessed via the Internet, your Intranet or CD ROM, Beating Stress is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, informative and fun learning experience. .

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In brief some of the topics the interactive guide covers are:

>What is Stress?

Understand how stressed you are in your daily life, what makes you stressed, stress in the workplace and the effects of stress.

>Act now to help yourself.

Tips and techniques for helping to control stress; breathing and relaxation exercises, posture and healthy eating, communicating and managing relationships, and time management.

>How much progress have you made?

Produce a personal action plan for each of the areas covered above. Revisit the questionnaire to compare scores once stress control actions are in place.

Included in the session are both our personal and workplace ‘Stress Assessment Questionnaires'. Giving interactive feedback and guidance, users can return to these questionnaires again and again and measure their improvement.

Background to StressCHECK Training Ltd

StressCHECK Training are stress specialists - we only deliver training in stress and stress management.  We deliver a range of workshops and courses across the UK ranging between 2 & 3 hour sessions and full day courses with half day follow ups. 

In particular we are finding that many organisations want us to deliver the roll out of their stress awareness and management policies.  Having a third party deliver this has the advantage of making an impact upon staff as to the importance and relevance of the policy as well as using specialists with a great depth of knowledge and experience of "stress scenarios".

Included in the "package" we are happy to offer some overview of the situation in an organisation and advise on rollout and implementation of any stress related issues.

Our main objective is to teach people to:

>Recognise the importance of stress, and see when stressful situations arise

>Respond appropriately in order to minimise stress impact and thereby-

>Resolve the stressful situations in their daily lives.

Companies from a range of industries have already benefitted this year including: First Direct, Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS), South Yorkshire Police, Benenden Healthcare and Northern Rail.

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