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Prioritise health to prioritise employees


Out of sight, out of mind? It’s easy to neglect the wellbeing of employees when the closest you to get to them is via Zoom.

But regularly monitoring your onsite and remote workers mental and physical health is vital for a happy and productive workforce. It also helps avoid downtime and the costs associated with absenteeism.

“We know the biggest reason for people taking time off sick is musculoskeletal injury, especially back problems, which can cost companies a lot of money,” says Alex Bell. GPDQ partner and occupational physiotherapist,

Physical health problems can also lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems.

Likewise, people with a mental health problem can be at greater risk of a physical illness. Last year, mental health problems at work cost the UK economy almost £34.9 billion – that's £1,300 per employee.

Now the global switch from face-to-face appointments to video consultations has made it simple for companies to mitigate risk and look after their employee health.

Health tech company GPDQ implement workstation health assessments across companies in the UK, treating people quickly and most importantly remotely. Find out more on how here.