Poor recruitment costing employers billions

HR departments are wasting billions of pounds in recruitment spend by failing to understand where their best applicants are coming from.

Opening up the neurodiversity conversation in recruitment

Neurodiversity is often likened to an 'invisible disability, with many of its conditions being physically unnoticeable to the general population. This commonly means it receives less attention than...

Recruiting more people with disabilities won't happen by accident

A fifth of working age people in the UK have a disability – yet only half of disabled people are in employment, according to recent figures. That's despite the fact that organisations considered...

Recruitment’s role in supporting EDI

Building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace is no longer a nice-to-have, but a core component of any talent acquisition strategy.

Social media in hiring: Ten top tips

If you think recruiting through social media means putting up the odd tweet or two then you are doomed to failure

Job applications surge across the UK

?Rates have soared across the UK, with figures rising by 83.6% in January 2018 compared to December 2017

CIPD annual conference round-up: Day two

What the HR magazine team learnt at the second day of the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition

Leading in an age of automation and AI

The Association of MBAs’ Employers Forum covered leadership qualities in a future of AI, the gender pay gap and employer branding

Board-level recruitment: Advertise to attract female talent

A third of companies rely on personal networks for board-level recruitment, but advertising allows you to access less visible female talent

10 astounding jobseeker social media blunders

Recruiters reveal the most shocking things candidates have done on social media

UK job market at lowest levels of optimism for three years

The UK jobs market is the least optimistic it has been for three years, according to HR consulting firm ManpowerGroup.

IT security staff in high demand

Almost half (47%) of chief information officers expect to appoint additional IT security personnel to their teams this year