Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

The case for lowering leaders' confidence

The solution to our leadership issues is to reduce leaders' sense of self-assurance (unless they are female)


Stop selecting incompetent men over competent women as leaders

If we focus on talent we will end up with better leaders and more female leaders, because the truth is women are more competent leaders than men


Scraping the dark side of personality online

Computer-generated algorithms can examine people’s social media updates for negative personality traits, which could then be used in hiring decisions


Unequal pay isn't always unfair

So long as you differentiate correctly, you should not be afraid to differentiate strongly


Why the best leaders go against their nature

Rather than indulging in uncensored behaviours, leaders must go against their own nature to be effective


Have data and technology really made HR smarter?

The HR tech world is replete with shiny new objects, including some that warrant considerable optimism, but there is still room for improvement


Hot topic: High-level disagreements, part two

How can an organisation deal with mavericks at the top?


Innovation: the five main approaches

Nesta's latest research shows there are five main categories to describe approaches to innovation. Futurists, romantics and creatives embrace innovation, while realists and sceptics are less...