Siân Harrington

Shaking up employment law provision

Employment law is being 'Uberised', so is your provider still right for your business?


Gala Coral: employment law case study

Working for the fastest growing of the top three betting companies and with a £2 billion merger on the cards, Gala Coral's head of HR wants a cost effective and business focused employment law...


Read some of the best HR Most Influential profiles in our special ebook

HR magazine celebrated 10 years of the HR Most Influential ranking in 2015 – its definitive annual lists of the HR practitioners and thinkers who have had the greatest influence in the field of...


HR Technology Guide 2015: Putting people at the heart of automation

With a third of UK jobs at high risk of automation within 20 years, HR magazine explores the people side of HR technology


Liz Reilly, group HR director, Segro

Liz Reilly has been group HR director at real estate investment trust Segro since July 2010. She joined from FCC Environmental, where she was group HR director for three and a half years.


Punter Southall uses wearable tech to monitor employee health and wellbeing

Wellness is coming to your business whether you like it or not. This was the stark message from PSHPC managing director John Dean last night.


UK salaries continue to rise, according to research

Employee benefits

UK employers continue to offer above average salary increases compared to those in other larger European economies.


Gender imbalance in IT sector growing

The gender imbalance in information technology is gathering pace, with 37% of women working in the sector saying they have been passed over for promotion due to their gender.


Leaving the EU could impact skills and productivity, says Centre for Economic Performance

Leaving the European Union would result in less skilled immigration and could result in slower productivity growth, says the Centre for Economic Performance in a background briefing on key policy...


Business losing out by not enlisting skills of former politicians

Businesses and other organisations are missing out by failing to recognise the skills of former members of parliament and council leaders, according to unique research from Open University Business...


2015: the year the digital divide will reach tipping point in the workplace

Digital cracks will appear in the workplace in 2015 as organisations grapple with the need to embed new technology at the speed their employees are demanding.


Holiday pay claims: new regulation offers hope for employers but not until July 2015

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has implemented the Deduction from Wages (Limitation) Regulations 2014 following assessment of the possible impact of the Employment Appeals...