Michelle Chance

How employers can manage stress in the workplace

By 2020, depression will rank second only to heart disease as the leading cause of disability world-wide, according to Harvard public health professors Christopher Murray and Alan Lopez.


12 tips for handling a harassment claim

More than half of British women aged 28 to 40 have suffered from bullying or harassment at work over the past three years, according to research by Opportunity Now. Staff at all levels reported being...


Maternity leave discrimination

They used to say “behind every great man is a great woman” but for professional working mothers it’s more a case of “alongside every great woman is a hands-on partner who shares the childcare and...


Children and Families Bill: What does it mean for employers?

Last month the Children and Families Bill had a second reading in the House of Commons. It recognised the vital role that both parents play in their children’s upbringing, from birth throughout their...


Happy Thanksgiving: but what can the UK learn from the US about working families?

As Thanksgiving is being celebrated by US families today, it is worth reflecting on a survey published by the US Working Mother Research Institute, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, about “What Moms...


I Don’t Know How She Does It: what can HR professionals learn from Sarah Jessica Parker's latest on-screen incarnation?

The delicate balancing act between career and motherhood is back in the spotlight with Sarah Jessica Parker’s new film “I Don’t Know How She Does It” released today. It documents the trials and...