Michael Moran

Preparing yourself for the future of work

Changing workforces and job roles will only be a challenge if we fail to prepare ourselves


Why mentoring is a must for a learning organisation

Mentoring enriches interaction and collaboration within an organisation


Close your classrooms and embrace modern L&D methods

The provision of good learning and development opportunities is an imperative for retaining and engaging talented people. A dynamic and ever-changing business environment means we need employees who...


The case for collaborative learning

The way we design and structure training courses is in a state of flux as we move into the e-learning era and L&D professionals add “social” to the blend.


Create HR policies that get the best out of staff

A number of recent articles caught my attention because they dealt with counter-intuitive or offbeat ways creating a company culture were innovation and creativity can flourish – creating a workplace...


Creating a workplace where workers want to work

Business magazine The Harvard Business Review published an article recently by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones about creating a workplace where employees can be really effective.


Secondments, sabbaticals and finding new routes to success

I am someone who has taken nineteen months of gardening leave in the past seven years.


Making the appraisal process more constructive

Performance appraisal (PA) is one of HR’s most important tasks and, frequently, a major challenge. Designed to provide valuable information to both organisation and employee about performance and...


HR needs to harness curiosity

The CIPD’s HR Profession Map was developed to help map, plan and benchmark throughout our careers. It sets out standards for HR professionals by outlining four bands of competence and 10 professional...


Review of Words from the Whys by David Fairhurst

Words from the Whys is by David Fairhurst, the most influential HR practitioner and certainly the most media-savvy, by some distance. So you'd be surprised if he didn't produce something worthwhile,...


Masterclass: Redundancies without tears

Employment law

Morale and motivation are bound to be damaged by redundancies but if handled with care the worst effects can be mitigated, keeping the employer brand intact.