Ian MacRae

Hybrid working: building a sustainable long-term strategy

We’ve heard a lot about remote and hybrid working, and out of necessity most organisations have cobbled together remote working strategies that were the best possible solution under the circumstances....


What six months of remote work has taught us

Six months ago would you have imagined yourself sharing a workspace with your partner? Your kids? Your pets?


We must focus on individual not national productivity

The UK has a persistent problem with productivity. Recent statistics indicate that productivity is stagnant and its growth has been sluggish for the past decade or more


What makes a high-potential remote worker?

Remote workers still need traditional HR processes such as performance management to be at their most effective and engaged


Be mindful to work more effectively

Honest mistakes are often made instinctually, while better decisions are made mindfully


Getting the most out of generational differences, part two

Knowledge transfer between different generations can help develop talent and boost engagement of both younger and older workers


Generational stereotypes have no merit

When HR decisions are based on these false generational stereotypes everyone loses out


Why Cambridge Analytica’s techniques could kill gamification

Could gamification turn out to be an over-hyped, excessively complicated flash in the pan?


HR mythbusting: Is nine to five the most productive way to work?

Our series by Adrian Furnham and Ian MacRae explores what myths HRDs should be seeking to debunk in 2018


HR mythbusting: Is there 'hidden' brainpower waiting to be unlocked?

There is huge potential for improving performance, it just won’t come from a magic pill


The great Millennials myth: The secret to motivating young people

Generational difference models aim to predict overriding characteristics, but lack evidence and lead to poor decision-making


When motivation turns toxic

What factors make motivation go wrong and what can an organisation do about it?