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Divorced employees need more HR support

Over half (57%) of employees going through divorce feel inadequately supported at work and it is having an impact on retention.


Earth Day: how HR can use sustainability to attract top talent

Green credentials and sustainability initiatives are a good way of attracting top talent, according to a new study by sustainability consultancy Anthesis.


Coronavirus straining work relationships

Over half (54%) of workers have found it harder to build relationships with colleagues while working from home.


Businesses judged by recruitment processes

Businesses lacking proper recruitment processes risk losing out on talented employees.


European Super League could lead to employment tribunals

The proposed European Super League threatens to breach the terms and conditions of players' contracts in the UK.


SMEs worried about making it through the pandemic

Employment law

A quarter (23%) of SMEs think it is unlikely they will be in business beyond the end of this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Homeworkers can't stop overworking

Coronavirus has meant homeworkers are continuously working extra hours, new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found.


Businesses may have no choice but to use fire and rehire contracts

Businesses may have no choice but to use 'fire and rehire' contracts to secure their future.


HR calls for more wellbeing support after coronavirus


HR is becoming increasingly worried about the long-term impact of coronavirus, with some leaders wanting more support and funding for wellbeing services.


Employers must gain the trust of disabled employees to collect their data

Employers need to work on building trust and understanding if they want to have an accurate depiction of their disabled workforce.


Short notice on shifts leaves employees in the lurch

Almost two-fifths (37%) of UK workers are given their hours with less than a week’s notice, having a negative impacting on their work/life balance.


Remote employees feel they lack recognition

A fifth (20%) of UK workers feel they get less recognition for the work they do since they started working remotely.